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Stickerwood – Premium iPhone case, shop real wood covers

Premium iPhone case

2 day worldwide shipping

Real wood and recycled materials

Quality since 2014

Helpful customer support

  • 29,00

    Sýty červený odtieň prechádzajúci do oranžovej. Drevo je slovenský orech vyrobený recykláciou. Červená dopĺňa farebnosť nového iPhone XR. Dizajnový doplnok akéhokoľvek outfitu. Povrch je ošetrený odolným UV…

  • 29,00

    Tattoo studio na v úplnom centre Bratislavy, ktoré zastrešuje tých najlepších tatérov slovenskej aj zahraničnej scény. Dizajn navrhla Pavla Mojžitová, zakladateľka Poppy Tattoo. Tento drevený…

  • 29,00

    Wood case iPhone Mandala – symbol of harmony and encompassment of the whole universe. This design is based on the connection of the circle with…

  • 29,00

    Rich red shade passing into orange. Great design accessory for any outfit. The surface is treated with resistant UV varnish for perfect protection.

Customer stories

The are made by the european company Stickerwood, so it's not "china". We tested 2 covers for iPhone. We tested both and we can only recoomend them.


They are even better live .)


Stickerwood thank you very much. Despite me messing the order, the beautiful products arrived. Their support is exemplary !!!!


Epic epic epic, I won't need other phone case.


The cover is really nice, the colors are even richer than in the photos, the satisfaction is great;) I hope that it will serve as well :) Express fast delivery of goods !!! Thank you :)


Amazing iPhone cases don't grow on trees

Every iPhone case has a world unique design thanks to the unique wood pattern.
We are proud to source wood from the 100% nature-friendly process.
Emroided designs are made by talented illustrators and graphic designers. By buying the designs you are directly supporting the artists.