Why Stickerwood?

A mobile phone is something we carry with us every day. We hold it in our hands sometimes 100 times a day, we look at it when it’s on the table… That’s why we thought it would be a shame to spoil something like this with a simple cover.

Our love for technology and natural materials gave us the idea to treat our mobile phones to something really special. Yes, when we first made them, we thought of ourselves. Introducing Stickerwood.

The market is flooded with millions of low-quality plastic covers from Aliexpress. Even the original and overpriced Apple covers do not excel in quality.

Holding cheap rubbery plastic in your hand and holding real fragrant wood is a difference your fingers will feel immediately. Not to mention that many covers contain toxic phthalates or the harsh chemical BPA.

Our wood is originally from controlled organic plantations. In addition, we use the upcycle method – Upcycling is the process of transforming waste or unwanted materials into new products that are considered to be of higher quality, higher value and more beneficial to the environment. 🪴

  • 🥇 The different wood grain on every single piece will ensure that no one in the world will have the same pattern as you.
  • 🤲 Each Stickerwood wrapper is handmade by us. It’s no Chinese tape. We individually fine tune each piece to maintain top detail and quality.
  • 💚 We ship within 48 hours with the option of free shipping and a full refund within 30 days with no reason given.

They wrote about us

Customers are the best guarantee

“Thank you very much to Stickerwood because despite my messed up order I ended up with beautiful products. Their approach is exemplary !!!!”


“The iPhone case is super, I am very satisfied.”

Martin Thomas

“The cover is really nice, the colors are richer than in the photos, satisfaction is great 😉 I hope it will serve just as well 🙂 Expressly fast delivery of goods!!! Thank you 🙂”


“They come from Slovak company stickerwood, so it is not “China”. We received two iPhone covers for testing. We have tested both of them and we can only recommend them.”


“Perfect! Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.”