Apple AirPods 2019

Long calling and listening times and optional wireless charging case. These are AirPods, the ultimate wireless headphones. Just pull them out and they’re ready to pair with your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly. And all you have to do is enjoy rich, high-quality sound. There’s magic in the air.

Original price was: 149€.Current price is: 129€.


  • The perfect bluetooth in-ear headphones with great connectivity to Apple devices
    Thanks to the rechargeable case, the Apple AirPods 2019 have power for a full 24 hours
    You’ll enjoy full, high-quality sound and superior voice pickup – the AAC codec takes care of everything
    The cable-free Apple AirPods headphones have two microphones that filter out unwanted background noise
    Infrared sensor detects when the AirPods are in your ear and starts/stops playback
    Wireless headphones – with microphone, True Wireless, stones, sealed design, Bluetooth 5.0, Ambient sound, Hi-Res audio, voice assistant, track switching, call taking, battery life up to 24 h (5 h+19 h)

    With the sleek charging case, you get a total of 24 hours of battery life with the Apple AirPods 2019. The case charges easily with the included USB cable with Lightning connector.


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