All iPhone covers…

Protects the camera and body

Reliable GRIP for everyday carry

Elevation protects display

Kryt na mobil s fotkou


Local painters and tattoo artists will create the design digitally or straight onto the cover. That’s why, and thanks to the wood drawing, every cover is an original. One and only.

We can also produce a custom design from a photo or logo.


They come from the european company Stickerwood, so it’s not “Chinese”. We received two iPhone covers for testing. We have tested both of them and we can only recommend them.

~ MobileFresh


Thank you very much to Stickerwood because despite my messed up order I ended up with beautiful products. Their approach is exemplary !!!!

~ Zuzana Zabkova


The cover is really nice, the colors are richer than in the photos, satisfaction is high 😉 I hope it will serve just as well 🙂 Expressly fast delivery!!! Thank you 🙂

~ Milada L.

What is its protection?

We could put a fancy badge and a catchy name for our “exclusive” technology here, but we’ll answer more simply:

Everyone who works at Stickerwood, and most of our family, uses one of our covers. We initially designed this packaging to be used by ourselves.

Stickerwood Signal Red
Drevený kryt na mobil
Skater drží obal na mobil
Obal na mobil Candy
Barbora Bakošová a Drevený kryt na mobil